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Reunion by Russell Boyle

It was decades agoWe said our goodbyes.Keen to pursueSuch different lives. Losing touch, then,Seemed unimportant.Careers, familyAnd enjoyment. But life slows down,Time dissipates.While memories ofAdolescence awaits. Copyright © Russell Boylehttp://russellboyle.com/volume2.html

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At a Dinner Party by Amy Levy

With fruit and flowers the board is deckt, The wine and laughter flow; I’ll not complain — could one expect So dull a world to know? You look across the fruit and flowers, My glance your glances find. — It … Continue reading

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wysiwyg by Russell Boyle

what you see may be what you get… listen to this short three-stanza audio poem

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In Innocence by J. V. Cunningham

In innocence I said, ‘Affection is secure. It is not forced or led.’ No longer sure Of the least certainty I have erased the mind, As mendicants who see Mimic the blind. James Vincent Cunningham 1911-1985

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Things to Come by James Reeves

The shadow of a fat man in the moonlight Precedes me on the road down which I go; And should I turn and run, he would pursue me: This is the man whom I must get to know. James Reeves … Continue reading

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Do I Believe by Noel Coward

Do I believe in God? Well yes, I suppose, in a sort of way. It’s really terribly hard to say. I’m sure there must be, of course Some kind of vital, motive force, Some power that holds the winning cards … Continue reading

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Sonnet to Hope by Helen Maria Williams

Oh, ever skilled to wear the form we love! To bid the shapes of fear and grief depart, Come, gentle Hope! with one gay smile remove The lasting sadness of an aching heart. Thy voice, benign enchantress! let me hear; … Continue reading

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Gnome by Samuel Beckett

Spend the years of learning squandering Courage for the years of wandering Through a world politely turning From the loutishness of learning. Samuel Beckett 1906-1989

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Be Frugal by Richard Church

Be frugal in the gift of love, Lest you should kindle in return Love like your own, that may survive Long after yours has ceased to burn. For in life’s later years you may Meet with the ghost of what … Continue reading

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Mira’s Will by Mary Leapor

Imprimis–My departed shade I trust To Heaven–My body to the silent dust; My Name to public censure I submit, To be disposed of as the world thinks fit; My vice and folly let oblivion close, The world already is overstocked … Continue reading

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