Picnic by Adrienne Rich

Sunday in Inwood Park
the picnic eaten
the chicken bones scattered
for the fox we’ll never see
the children playing in the caves
My death is folded in my pocket
like a nylon raincoat
What kind of sunlight is it
the leaves the rocks so cold?

Adrienne Rich


About russellboyle.com

Russell Boyle, of russellboyle.com, is a mathematics teacher, writer, and poet. Russell is the author of a number of teaching resources, including the Year 7 to 8 Mathematics Short-Answer Tasks, the Year 7 to 10 Mathematics Multiple-Choice Tasks, the Year 9 Extended-Response Tasks, the solutions to the Year 12 VCAA Mathematics Exams and the Web-Programming For Beginners series of courses. Russell's poetry anthologies are titled The Beginning, Footprints and Loneliness.
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4 Responses to Picnic by Adrienne Rich

  1. There’s that strong sense of the poet’s inability to change the outcomes of her own life, and it’d sounded as though she hadn’t, quite accepted that death, is only a normal part of life yet…

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